August 25, 2020


Dear Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Interest Group Members,


Thank you for your patience as ALA and the ASGCLA staff and Board have developed processes for creating a new home for the Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Interest Group within the Reference and User Services Division (RUSA) of ALA.  Beginning September 1,  2020. the ASGCLA interest group will become a RUSA interest group. The Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Interest Group will be added to the other division-wide interest groups in RUSA, http://www.ala.org/rusa/contact/interest-groups.


RUSA Executive Director Bill Ladewski, bladewski@ala.org, the RUSA staff, and RUSA Board of Directors look forward to working with the Interest Group within RUSA.


Here is what you can expect:

  • ALA and division membership: The change from the ASGCLA division to RUSA division will happen automatically. Your ALA membership will stay on the same renewal schedule. If you have questions about your membership, the Interest Groups included in your membership, or other member groups within ALA, contact ALA Member Relations & Services at membervalue@ala.org or call 1.800.545.2433 (international callers, use 1.312.944.6780).

  • Interest Group Leadership: The leadership team for the Interest Group will remain the same. Within RUSA, the Interest Group will follow its procedures to select leadership and leadership terms.

  • Connect Group: the ASGCLA Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Interest Group Connect Group (and all current members) will be moved as a Connect Community and renamed Federal and Armed Forces Libraries. After the move to RUSA, members may go directly to the Connect community to join or leave the group. It will no longer be necessary to add the Interest Group to your ALA member record.

  • Listserv: The ASGCLA-FAFLIG@lists.ala.org, will be renamed FAFLIG@lists.ala.org. A RUSA staff member, the Interest Group chair, and Communications Working Group chair will serve as listowners. (NOTE: ALA will phase out the Sympa listservs over the next few years as determined by each division or sponsoring unit).

  • Meetings and Conference events: Use the RUSA FAQ and Resources page, https://rusaupdate.org/resources/ for instructions and forms for scheduling virtual meetings, conference meetings, and other activities.

  • Publicity and Announcements: Interest Group members can submit information to share on the RUSAUpdate web site and through social media using this form, https://rusaupdate.org/resources/send-in-your-news-for-publication/

  • More about RUSA and RUSA Leadership: See the About RUSA page, http://www.ala.org/rusa/about, RUSA President: Courtney McDonald  Email: crmcdonald@Colorado.edu

  • Contact RUSA Staff: http://www.ala.org/rusa/staff-list.

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