August 27, 2020


Dear Collaborative Digitization Interest Group Members,


Thank you for your patience as ALA and the ASGCLA staff and Board have developed processes for creating a new home for the ASGCLA Collaborative Digitization Interest Group within Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures Division (Core) of ALA. On September 1, the ASGCLA interest group will become a Core interest group.


Because Core is beginning a transition year as a division, organizational tools are being developed.  A good place to start learning about the opportunities in Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures is https://core.ala.org/, especially note the “6 Top Questions about Core.” You can also subscribe to updates using the ALCTSLITA + LLAMA = Core form on this website to receive update information even before you become a Core member.


Here is what you can expect:

  • ALA and division membership: The change from the ASGCLA division to the Core division will happen automatically. Your ALA membership will stay on the same renewal schedule. If you have questions about your membership, the Interest Groups included in your membership, or other member groups within ALA, contact ALA Member Relations & Services at membervalue@ala.org or call 1.800.545.2433 (international callers, use 1.312.944.6780).

  • Interest Group Leadership: The Collaborative Digitization Interest Group needs a leader or leadership team selected from members of the group. For 2020-2021, the ASGCLA Board liaison to the group is Brenda Bailey-Hainer, bbhainer@atla.com. Within Core, guidelines for member groups, including selection of future leaders are under development.

  • Connect Group: the ASGCLA Collaborative Digitization Interest Group (and all current members) will be moved as a Connect Community and renamed Collaborative Digitization. After the move to Core, members may go directly to the Connect community to join or leave the group. It will no longer be necessary to add the Interest Group to your ALA member record.

  • Listserv: The ASGCLA-Collaborative-Digitization@lists.ala.org mailing list will be retired.  Instead, participants will use the ALA Connect platform for communications and file sharing.  It is important to note that while all discussions and files will be publicly viewable, only people who join the group in Connect will be able to post/reply to discussions.  Active participants on the mailing list who were not official members of the group may wish to join the group in Connect when it’s ready to have discussions sent to them via email and continue contributing to the conversation.  Participation in the interest group will remain free and open to anyone with a member or non-member ALA account.” Interest group discussions/files will be publicly viewable. Only those who join in Connect will be able to post/reply to discussions, and anyone with an ALA account will be able to join it.

  • Meetings and Conference events: To schedule virtual or in-person meetings, the best first contact for questions and information is Chrishelle Thomas, Core Marketing and Membership Manager, cthomas@ala.org.

  • Publicity and Announcements: The best first contact for questions and information is Chrishelle Thomas, Core Marketing and Membership Manager, cthomas@ala.org.

  • More about Core and Core Leadership: Core was approved as a division by ALA Council at the June 2020 ALA Annual Event. Members are involved in Working Groups to develop the structures to sustain the new division, https://core.ala.org/get-involved/. Transition year leadership is selected from the elected leaders from ALCTS, LITA, and LLAMA. The 2020-2021 Core president will be selected from the presidents of the former ALCTS, LITA, LLAMA divisions. A special election in the fall for a Core President-Elect will begin the transition to a sustainable rotating elected Board. The latest updates are added to https://core.ala.org/latest-updates/.

  • Contact Core Staff: The best first contact for questions and information is Chrishelle Thomas, Core Marketing and Membership Manager, cthomas@ala.org.

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