Using Zoom Virtual Meeting

Schedule a Zoom Virtual Meeting

Do you need to schedule a meeting or webinar to share documents, host presentations, chat, and conduct polls? You need to book a Zoom meeting!

  1. View the Zoom Meeting Calendar
  2. Find 2-3 dates/times that will work for your group, at least 2 weeks in the future. Note: 1/2 hour must be left open between sessions to allow for run over. We do not overlap or schedule meetings concurrently at this time. 
  3. Fill out the request form:
Please note:
  • It is strongly recommended that all attendees use headsets connected to their computers (VOIP) during a Zoom session.
  • If needed, any Zoom meeting also has a teleconference line available for attendees to use if they are having audio issues. During each session, no more than 20 attendees at a time can use the teleconference line.
  • Up to 99 people may participate in an Zoom meeting
  • Meetings may be recorded by the host

View the recording of your Zoom meeting

You may request the recording of your Zoom meeting by emailing the Program Officer-Continuing Education, Ninah Moore at
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