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How does an interest group operate?

      • Interest groups establish their own process for nominating and electing their leadership.
      • Interest group leaders must be ASCLA members.
      • No leader shall serve more than four (4) consecutive years in office.
      • Any member of ASCLA may join as many interest groups as desired by joining the group in ALA Connect.
      • Each Interest Group defines its own functions, subject to the approval of the Interest Group Coordinating Committee
      • Each Interest Group shall manage its own affairs, provided that no interest group shall adopt rules for the transaction of its business inconsistent with those of the Association, or engage in any activity in conflict with the program of the Association.
      • Interest groups may plan and sponsor programs at conferences, may sponsor preconferences, prepare publications, or carry out other activities with the approval of the Interest Group Coordinating Committee and the Board of Directors.
      • Interest group elections are held during the Midwinter Meeting. Unless otherwise approved by the ASCLA executive director, interest groups will conduct their own elections and not utilize the formal ALA election system

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