How do I start/lead an interest group?

How to I start an Interest Group?

Create an e-petition to form a new interest group for ASGCLA. Any ASGCLA member may create a petition. Once you complete the e-petition form at the link above, a link will be sent to you that may be distributed to ASGCLA members, listservs, or any other group that includes ASGCLA members for electronic signatures. 10 signatures from ASGCLA members are needed for an interest group to be formed. When 10 signatures have been received, the interest group application will be reviewed by the Interest Group Coordination Committee, who will respond to the interest group creator in 14-21 days. After the interest group is created, it will appear in ALA Connect. Any ALA member may join ASGCLA interest groups by following the instructions.

How to I lead an Interest Group?

Download 2019-2020 Interest Group Orientation Manual If you’re interested in leading a new Interest Group keep in mind, while you do not have to be an ASGCLA member to join, you must be an ASGCLA member to lead one. ASGCLA has established basic guidelines to outline the scope of Interest Group leadership. No leader shall serve more than four (4) consecutive years in office. As an Interest Group Leader you will be expected to:
  • Encourage involvement in the Interest Group
  • Ensure that the Interest Group generates discussion topics, articles, programs, projects etc. within the purview of the Interest Group’s charge.
  • Regularly communicate with Interest Group members regarding Interest Group activities as well as initiatives coming from the ASGCLA Board, staff, or other interested parties.
  • Communicate with the Interest Group Coordinating Committee. This will include a brief annual report on Interest Group activity. Reports will be posted on the Interest Group site.
  • Communicate with the Interest Group Coordinating Committee if, for any reason, you determine that you are unable to fulfill the responsibility of leading the Interest Group.
  • Notify the ASGCLA office of any changes in leadership.
  • Coordinate the overall activities of the interest group and for reporting on group activities.

What does an Interest Group do?

  • Any member of ASGCLA may join as many interest groups as desired by joining the group in ALA Connect.
  • Each Interest Group defines its own functions, subject to the approval of the Interest Group Coordinating Committee
  • Each Interest Group shall manage its own affairs, provided that no interest group shall adopt rules for the transaction of its business inconsistent with those of the Association, or engage in any activity in conflict with the program of the Association.
  • Interest groups may plan and sponsor programs at conferences, may sponsor preconferences, prepare publications, or carry out other activities with the approval of the Interest Group Coordinating Committee and the Board of Directors.
  • Interest group elections are held during the Midwinter Meeting. Unless otherwise approved by the ASGCLA executive director, interest groups will conduct their own elections and not utilize the formal ALA election system

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