New – free eLearning Courses

ALA announced free access for two member exclusive eLearning courses as a new ALA Personal Member Benefit.

Mindfulness for Librarians: Handling Stress and Thriving Under Pressure

Instructors Richard Moniz and Martin House will discuss burnout theory and the overall impact it has on you, library users, and your organization as a whole. You’ll be introduced to mindfulness, discuss its significance and how it relates to the library profession, and learn techniques to put theory into practice. You’ll gain practical strategies that you can implement right away to succeed in your position and thrive under pressure.

Fighting Fake News with Information Literacy

As information professionals, we are trained to analyze the authority and sourcing of information, and we need to provide our community with this same type of training so they can develop into media-literate practitioners. The instructors share techniques and strategies for teaching how to analyze and critique news and media sources that can apply in a variety of settings.


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