Negotiating License Agreements and Pricing with Confidence

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Negotiating license agreements and pricing with publishers and other vendors can be intimidating, particularly when doing so on behalf of multiple institutions. A lack of confidence can be your worst enemy when sitting down with a publisher or vendor to negotiate pricing and contract terms.

Drawing upon the negotiation philosophy and techniques developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project and detailed in the book Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving in by Roger Fisher and WIlliam Ury, as well as her significant experience in applying those techniques, the instructor walks you through the four basic tenants of principled bargaining. She will provide real life examples of applying these techniques, including the importance of gathering and using objective data, building leverage, and communicating effectively throughout the negotiation process. She will offer insights on how to build support for negotiation efforts within the local community, and how to use stakeholders to best advantage. We will discuss a strategy for the e-resource renewal process that will contain annual price increases. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss various negotiation scenarios and challenges they have experienced in past efforts.

The instructor Claire Dygert is a librarian with over twenty years of experience in the academic library environment. Claire leads CDygert Solutions, LLC. a consulting company that provides services to all types of libraries. teaches you strategies that will enhance your negotiation skills and the confidence to employee them.

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