ALA Elections – Vote by April 1

The ALA 2020 elections open the week of March 9. Members are notified by email with instructions for completing the ballots. The election site will accept votes through April 1.

The candidates for ASGCLA Board offices included in the 2020 ALA elections are listed here.

ASGCLA President-Elect

Michael Blackwell

Tracy Byerly

Janice Young

ASGCLA Director At Large

Jules Shore

Stephen Spohn

Designated Director for Armed Forces Libraries

Adria Olmi

Designated Director for Library Cooperatives

Brenda Bailey-Hainer

Designated Director for State Libraries

Mary Soucie

Designated Director for Underserved Populations

Alexandra Haubrick

Mike Marlin

ASGCLA member candidates for ALA Councilor at Large include Vivian Bordeaux, Michelle P Osborne, and Jules Shore.


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