Midwinter Leadership Session: ASGCLA and EDI

The ASGCLA Leadership Session is scheduled for Saturday January 25, 2020, Pennsylvania Convention Center Room 121 B. In 2020 the discussion will focus on the question of “How can ASGCLA promote its Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) roles and activities more effectively within ALA?” The Leadership session is open to any ASGCLA member.

The ASGCLA’s Mission and What We Do statements emphasize the importance ASGCLA members give to providing a voice for the underserved and advocating for universal access for all library users. A core of ASGCLA activities reflect the ALA values of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. HOWEVER, we do not label our activities, we just DO IT. Thus, ASGCLA is not as visible as other parts of ALA that have established committees, task forces and projects. They are more likely to publicize EDI initiatives.

What are strategies for ASGCLA and its members to identify our initiatives and projects as contributing to ALA’s EDI initiatives. How can we do a better job of sharing our news with the profession?


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