Have YOU signed the #eBooksForAll petition yet?

ALA is in the news after launching the public-facing #eBooksForAll campaign in Nashville in response to Macmillan Publishers planned embargo on new ebook sales to libraries. ALA announced its opposition to the planned embargo in July.  This issue is of particular concern to ASGLCA members as we represent librarians serving people with print and other type of disabilities.  The embargo of new e-audio would effectively provide second class service for our patrons who depend on them, taking us back to the bad old days when very little was available in audio.  The right to read encompasses the right to read audio and is a fundamental part of the ASGCLA’s culture.  Please make your opposition known.

The centerpiece of this campaign is a petition site GO SIGN IT! And if you are not already a member, join the ASGCLA Consortial eBooks Interest Group https://www.asgcladirect.org/interest-groups/ to keep up with the progress of ALA’s efforts.


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