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Have you seen the improvements in the page

ASGCLA staff have made changes to the Library Accessibility Toolkits, to the Recommended Resources, and to resources For ASGCLA Members. Please give us feedback on what you find useful, which documents need to be updates and how can the pages be improved.

The Library Accessibility Toolkits now have downloadable PDF’s linked at the bottom of each of the web versions of the toolkit. As the Toolkits are updated, we will add the date for users to see the how recent it is.

Links on the pages in the Recommended Resources section are intended as a reference and a guide for anyone interested in the topic.  We urge members and Interest Groups to suggest updates and added current information.

The resources in For ASGCLA Members combines the former FAQ and How-To sections. This is the place to look for the tools to get things done in ASGCLA.


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