Library Development Interest Group

The meeting of the ASGCLA Library Development Interest Group was another packed hour with more topics to discuss than time to cover them all. Attendees came from all sorts of positions in State Libraries, and brought many unique points of view. Two big unanswered questions remain. (1) We need a tool that allows an individual to input their address/zip code to locate their local library, and (2) if any state has a killer app to manage public library directories, please share with the rest of us!

The great thing about this meeting (at Annual and MidWinter) is that it is often attended by folks from all positions in a Library Development office, and we can really get some great ideas to share with our state. If you’re an ASGCLA member who works in Library Development/Public Library Services/Statewide Services, please consider these meeting for future conferences.

As co-chair, I may be a bit biased, but these are among my favorite sessions at every conference.

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