Highlights of DC and ASGCLA

ALA Washington D.C.– hot and pulsing with enthusiasm from thousands of attendees. For my first conference with the newly formed ASGCLA I was pleased to find such excitement and welcoming atmosphere from within the division. At the ASGCLA Achievement Awards Ceremony, I joined a table of correctional librarians and learned that we had mutual acquaintances from my time working in public libraries in Colorado before becoming an Armed Forces Librarian. There were so many interesting sessions to choose from the conference program that it was difficult to narrow down which one to attend. I was fortunate to find a space in the Emerging Technologies Librarians program to learn more about this intriguing topic and what the job duties and skills of both an Emerging Technologies Librarian and a Studio Librarian require. Hint future planning, the ability to fail and recover, and seek out new ways of doing things for meeting peoples information needs. And of course, I did attend the Federal Librarians Interest Group Annual Conference Meeting and the follow-on and packed program of How to Get a Federal Job since I always enjoy speaking with potential new recruits. One major highlight from the conference was getting to meet and speak briefly with Dr. Carla Hayden the 14th Librarian of Congress and a past president of the American Library Association. She was very welcoming and easy to talk to. A most enjoyable and informative conference for ASGCLA’s new beginning.

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