Highlights from ASGCLA Midwinter Board Meetings

  • Ed Garcia, the ALA Executive Board liaison presented information on major changes affecting ALA and the membership, including the reopened search for an ALA Executive Director, the probable sale of ALA headquarters building and relocation of the ALA offices, an IT initiative and appointment of an interim CIO, an outline for changes to the winter meeting to emphasize more curated continuing education, Organizational Effectiveness (SCOE) discussions beginning at Midwinter and continuing through the spring.
  • Discussed pending resolutions for Council, including a COSLA resolution to support an increase in IMLS grants to state libraries, and several updates related to the Library Bill of Rights.
  • Discussed desired outcomes from a 2019 survey of ASGCLA members being developed by the Membership Committee
  • Accepted a revised charge for the Web Presence Committee
  • Accepted the request of the Interlibrary Cooperation Interest Group to disband because ASGCLA has several active Interest Groups for specific types of interlibrary cooperation.
  • Received the Final Report of the 2018 ALA-ASGCLA National Ebook Summit. The Report focused on 5 themes (licensing models, impacts and benchmarks, accessibility, curation, and content “deserts”) and identified 20 areas for further work.


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