ASGCLA Leadership Session at Midwinter

ASGCLA Leadership Sesssion at Midwinter
Saturday 1/26/2019 12:30 – 2:00 Hyatt Regency, Elwha A (Jr Ballroom West A)

2019 is a year of change and challenge for our division as well as for ALA. Join the discussion at the ASGCLA Leadership Session on ways that the division can work together effectively, become more responsive to members, increase membership – services – learning opportunities to remain a vital and viable part of ALA.

To introduce the Leadership Session, Eli Mina, ALA’s Parliamentarian will be able to spend a few minutes with ASGCLA to share key thoughts about working as a group for productive meetings. He will then be open to general questions.

The remainder of the time will be spent in discussion of key questions aimed at developing strategies for building on our strengths and hidden resources, fostering communication, and producing value for our members and the profession. Add you voice to these important discussions.


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