ALA Connect – FAQs

Why did ALA update/change ALA Connect?
The new platform offers more features, such as a more robust member directory, more useful email notifications, more networking features. It also offers a more stable connection to our member database, ensuring that member profiles stay up-to-date and can be updated from one centralized location.

What are the benefits to members from the update?
There are many benefits to members through the new ALA Connect, including:
• Quicker connections to groups of interest.
• Provides a more welcoming path for onboarding new or newly active members.
• Reduction in the overall amount of email received from ALA due to coordination across groups and the combination of content from multiple sources.
• Find your Division or Round Table groups, content, and members in one easily searchable site.

What happens during the transition from the current Connect to the new Connect? What is a gray-out?
To migrate the data from the current ALA Connect system, we will need to interrupt service for a few weeks (March 26 through April 25) while we finalize the new system. We are calling this a “gray-out” period as only public content will be viewable on the current site. Content from closed/private groups will not be viewable during the gray-out, and users won’t be able to log in to the system until the new site launches on April 25.

What should users expect before, during, and after rollout of the new Connect?
• Before gray-out: Announcements about training and resources.
• During gray-out: Only public content will be available for viewing and users won’t be able to log in to the site.
• After gray-out: The new Connect will replace the old Connect and use the same URL:

What should we do during the gray-out period if we have board meetings or other gatherings that require sharing of documents and comments?
If you need to share documents, we recommend that they be posted on the ALA website as a public or member-only pages. For collaborative work, we recommend you use Google Docs. ALA also has access to third-party polling software. If you have questions, please contact your Staff Liaison for assistance.

How can we learn more about the new ALA Connect?
Training dates and registration are available at Live demos will be held at Annual Conference in New Orleans and in video format.

What If I can’t make it to Annual or a remote information session?
How-to and demo videos will be available soon at:


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