ASCLA: We are changing more than our name

This September ASCLA will officially change its name to Association of Specialized, Government and Cooperative Library Agencies (ASGCLA) as we merge with the Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table (FAFLRT).  Collaborating with the division will be approximately 300 federal and armed forces librarians that will strengthen the voice for specialized libraries.

Opportunities for committee work will become more vital as we will have librarians with experience from the Library of Congress, Department of Defense and many other federal agencies join our division.

I encourage you to consider applying for one of the ASGCLA committees; you’ll grow professionally, have a front seat in advocating for specialized libraries and guide those in the industry by creating toolkits and standards.

As President Elect, I want to strengthen committee membership and establishing a number of avenues for committee participation. Most notably, we will advance telecommunication venues for all committees. Moving forward we will look to establish committee importance and open opportunities for the formation of new committees.

Whether you participate in committees in person or electronically, ASGCLA wants your participation.

Please consider joining our committees. Follow this link, login with your ALA login, choose ASCLA from the drop-down list and complete the form.

Thank you,

Adam Szczepaniak, ASCLA Vice-President / President Elect

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